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Welcome to the City of Yoncalla

Yoncalla is located on Interstate 5, halfway between Roseburg and Eugene Oregon, approximately 150 miles north of the California / Oregon border.  With a population of about 1065, Yoncalla proper is just around a square mile in size, although the greater Yoncalla area encompasses around 30 square miles.Looking toward the future, Yoncalla local government is focused on planned controlled growth.  Toward that end, there is strong support for the utilization of local resources and small business development.  The city's water treatment plant  is 20 years old and they are in the  process of upgrading the sewer system. 

There is widespread support for continued growth within the community as seen by the tremendous involvement of the general population and community groups.

Life in Yoncalla embodies all the benefits of small town life.  This close-knit rural community boasts many civic groups who have continued to facilitate the changes and improvements that the town wants.

Whether you are a new resident or a visitor we hope our web site provides the information you need.


Please contact City Hall with any further questions. 


Welcome to Yoncalla!

About Yoncalla

According to the Umpqua Heritage Program of the US Forest Service, Yoncalla  is of “uncertain origin, it meant “home of the eagles” and was the name of a butte near present-day Yoncalla that was an eagle nesting area. The Yoncalla Indians, a Kalapooian tribe, were apparently named for this butte. The Yoncalla High School teams are appropriately named “The Yoncalla Eagles.”

The town was named by its most famous postmaster, Jesse Applegate. The three Applegate brothers were personal friends of Abraham Lincoln from their days in school together. (Source: Pioneer History, Douglas County.)

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